About us
The SSK Group - Pursuing Excellence Syska is a 'next-gen' consumer electricals brand backed by technology and packed with offers. Our innovations will keep you #LightYearsAhead.
Having permeated the market as the future of LED lighting technology in India, we harvested our experience of dealing in cutting-edge, fast-moving consumer electricals to diversify our portfolio. Today, Syska is a renowned and trusted brand in the categories of personal grooming, music accessories and wearable technology.

Syska LED

As pioneers in the LED revolution in India, Syska LED is spread over 75+ locations in India offering customers advanced LED lighting solutions ranging across residential, commercial outdoor, industrial & decorative indoor options. Our reliable LED products focus on saving energy and being RoHS-compliant to minimise the environmental impact and reduce power bills while also protecting homes and lives from electrical hazards. Come, save with Syska!
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Syska Personal Care Appliances

Syska Personal Care offers user-friendly and innovative personal grooming and styling appliances for men and women - shavers, trimmers, hairstyling tools and more. Think Style? Think Syska!
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Syska Accessories

Syska Accessories presents state-of-the-art mobile accessories like wireless earphones and Bluetooth speakers, wearable technology like smartwatches, power banks, and so much more. Looking to elevate your tech-savvy lifestyle? You can bank on Syska.
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Syska Home Appliances

Syska Home Appliances is a step we have taken into the household category with the launch of the Syska Irons and Syska Fans ranges. Crafted with the latest innovations in technology, these products are of superior quality but priced fairly. Syska Wires & Cables are lead-free, high-current capacity wires made with Indo-European technology for shock resistance and uniform power supply. Get more power, more savings, and more life with Syska Wires.
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