Syska Cordless Steam Iron: Look Naturally Impressive

Dealing with cords can be a messy affair – they get entangled, or have you tripping all the time because of their sheer length. It only gets worse in the case of a corded iron. We understand the woes, which is why we present Syska Aero – a Cordless STEAM IRON Yes, it’s real and extremely handy. Let’s find out why:

1. Switch to cordless – make life effortless

If you have a client to impress or you’re stepping out with friends, dressing well is a priority. It goes without saying that your clothes must be spic and span. This may seem like a chore but with Syska Aero, you can easily forget every hassle. Since the iron is cordless, you’ll have no tangled wires getting in your way. Ironing has never been this simple!

2. A rotating base for your convenience

The base of your Syska steam iron comes with a rotary function. Rotate and set it to any of its 3 angles, as and when you need.
What’s more, it has a safety lock system so it doesn’t slip off. You can also fix it to your table to keep it steady.

3. Smooth ceramic soleplate

A ceramic-coated soleplate is ideal for a domestic use steam iron. As opposed to a stainless steel soleplate, it doesn’t stain. The material is scratch-resistant and doesn’t wear off easily.

The flat iron surface glides over any fabric so you have perfectly ironed clothes without any effort! Besides, ceramic is a boon as it is static-resistant even at high temperatures.

4. Unique steam functions

Let’s not forget, Syska Aero is a steam iron. This means it has some exclusive features to offer – including a Vertical Steam System and Steam Burst Function.

  • The vertical steam feature is meant for times when you don’t have access to an ironing board. It works wonders on hanging clothes, drapes and curtains, removing light creases like magic.
  • The steam burst function provides just the right amount of extra moisture to help get rid of deep, stubborn wrinkles.

You can adjust and control the steam, using appropriate settings for specific fabrics.

5. Safe for domestic use

The 2400 Watt iron is powerful yet safe and comes with security features that every electric iron should have. One such feature is a thermostat that regulates heat distribution and prevents overheating.

6.  Flaunt your style

The cordless steam iron comes in several different colours – so pick the one that resonates with you. It is also made of lightweight but sturdy materials and is exceptionally hardy. It is easy to clean at home with mild liquid soap and a fresh cloth. Syska Aero Cordless Irons comes with a product warranty of 2 years valid from the date of purchase.

You can always count on a steam iron to get you the perfect look, with ease. From client-meetings to your kid’s big day at school, Syska Aero is your go-to appliance when you need to look neat as a pin!

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