5 Reasons You Need The Syska SuperGlam Hair Straightener

Whether curly hair is the bane of your life or you simply want to give your frizzy dry hair a smooth finish, try the Syska SuperGlam HS6810 Hair Straightener. This HAIR IRON gives you silky straight strands in no time!

Here are 5 reasons you should get yourself one today:

1. Rapid-heating function:

Do you need to get ready for a party but have no time to visit the parlour? Don’t worry! Syska SuperGlam’s rapid-heating function requires just 60 seconds before you can start straightening and styling your beautiful locks.

Now get frizz-free shiny hair in a minute – literally!

2. Overheat protection:

Most gadgets nowadays are smart. They’re fitted with technology that understands your needs and suits your way of life. Syska SuperGlam works just the same! It comes with an auto-off mechanism which cuts off electric supply to the straightener, in case you forget to switch off the power button.

Hassle-free, isn’t it?

3. Heat-balance technology:

Speaking of technology, Syska ensures your hair straightener distributes heat evenly across the length of your hair. The PTC heater or heat balance technology protects your hair from concentrated bursts of heat, thus preventing hair damage.

Enjoy silky-smooth hair with uniform heating.

4. Ceramic-coating:

The plates of the Syska flat iron are ceramic-coated. Ceramic works well at high temperatures and cools down relatively faster than other materials. Ceramic also provides a smooth, even surface to give you a quick and super-easy experience.

It glides like a dream!

5. Travel-friendly:

Give your curling iron, hair straightening cream and HAIR STRAIGHTENING BRUSH a good long break. The only travel-partner you need is the Syska SuperGlam HS6810! Its push-button lockable handle keeps it in place and the 360-degree swivel cord prevents entanglement. Absolutely easy to use & a blessing to carry around.

Why bother yourself with a range of equipment, when only one can serve your purpose?

Syska SuperGlam HS6810 is a sleek hair tool with a glossy body – it comes in funky colours like pink that add to the style quotient. Be prepared to catch those compliments fast as they come, because your hair is set to up the glam quotient wherever you go!

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