What is the difference between Regular Lights and Smart LED Lights

“To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often”

The only thing that is constant is change. Change is necessary ‘not to lose something good but to gain something even better. Whether it is climate, human body, culture, or technology everything needs to be changed from time to time.

Today, technology has influenced our society in a way that we can’t think of our lives without it anymore. Though there are pros and cons of technology, embracing the right kind of tech change is fun.

Keeping in mind today’s growing needs, Syska has come up with a world-class range of tech-friendly products including Bluetooth earphones, smartwatches, Floodlights, LED BULBS, SMART LED LIGHTS, and much more.

What is Smart LED Lighting?

The newly introduced Smart LED lighting formula has taken the world by storm. LED stands for light-emitting diode. Diodes are semiconductors with two terminals that allow the current to flow in one direction and produce light efficiently.

What makes LED Lights Different from Incandescent Bulbs?

LED has replaced the regular lighting by offering multiple features. Unlike regular lights or incandescent bulbs, LEDs don’t have wire filaments. They are energy-saving as LEDs produce more brightness with less energy and last much longer than a regular light.

LED SMART LIGHTS are developed with improved efficiency and a wonderful controlled system that allows an automated single-touch operation via an app or can be controlled by simple voice command. It features different brightness levels with changing colors and can be switched on or off with connected Wi-Fi even when you’re not at home.

Are LED Lights Expensive Than Regular Lights?

Initially, people used to hesitate to buy LED bulbs as they were expensive but the cost has been cut down and now there are LED bulbs all around. Smart lights are not only cost-effective but they are way more efficient than any other regular bulb in every manner.


Another advantage of LED Smart Lights is that it keeps you from searching for new bulbs after every certain period of time. The SYSKA LED LIGHTS last for approximately 10 years of continuous use and provide you with a completely hassle-free operation in comparison to a normal bulb.


Smart Lights work as a perfect mood setter as they help to uplift your mood in a matter of seconds. Whether low or high it goes right with your mood and creates an exceptionally beautiful aura at your home or workplace.


In the comparison of regular lights & bulbs, LEDs manage to produce more natural, flexible, and 10 times brighter light with even lesser wattage for e.g. – a 16-watt LED bulb emits as much light as a 100-watt regular bulb. That’s what makes LED lights the most consuming top-level lights in the world.


Like natural daylight, Syska LED lights aren’t as bad for your eyes as any other light. The flexibility of adjusting the temperature and color of the lights with Google assistant connectivity gives you a warm restful bedtime.

How to Fix?

These Automated and easily manageable LED smart lights are a great option to illuminate your home. You can fix all the LED bulbs in the common incandescent bulb fittings easily and enjoy a high-tech ambiance without even moving from your place.

About the Brand: With all kinds of smart lights including, LED Bulbs, Wi-Fi bulbs, LED tubes, LED table lamps, and other smart gadgets Syska aims to revolutionize and upgrade your lifestyle for the upcoming tech-savvy future.

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