Difference Between Normal Speaker Vs Bluetooth Speaker

In today’s era of smart devices, listening to music has become a tradition when going out. But it’s impossible to carry your wired speakers when traveling or partying at a beach. Hence, Bluetooth speakers are taking over as they are portable and have better features.

Unlike a normal speaker which needs a wired connection, a Bluetooth Speaker is a wireless speaker that does not require a cable connection to pair up with a device. It is supported by Bluetooth present in your mobile phone and gets connected by a single touch.

Why are Bluetooth Speakers better than Normal Speakers?


The key difference between a normal speaker and a Bluetooth speaker is that they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, they are easily portable and are battery-powered Bluetooth speakers which make them ready to use anywhere and anytime while a normal speaker cannot facilitate you with all these features.

Truly Wireless

Bluetooth speakers are compact and are truly wireless, meaning no clutter of cables while a normal speaker creates a fuss with its tangling wire cables. No additional app is required just switch on the Bluetooth connection and enjoy your favorite music irrespective of place and time. It works as a part of your phone and plays every sound your phone makes including songs, audio, calls, and notifications.

Hands-Free Operation

They come with a built-in mic that can be used to attend hands-free phone calls and online business meetings. They are loud and clear enough and their hands-free operation provides you with an opportunity of multitasking at a time while attending calls.

Voice Command Access

Alexa, play my favorite song! The Bluetooth speakers have built-in internet assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant that allow a single voice command to play your favorite audio and make listening to personal music libraries from any mobile easy and fun.

Better Sound Quality– Earlier it was a myth that Bluetooth speakers produce a bad quality of sound comparatively and people used to feel hesitant investing in it but now it is accepted that Bluetooth speakers can produce versatile dual sounds and are way more popular than normal wired speakers.

Water Resistant

If you are planning a party outdoor, near a pool, or at a beach then Bluetooth speakers are the best options to add to the fun. Syska offers Bluetooth speakers that are Waterproof in nature and are rubberized so that you can party hard without any fear of damage.

Extra Durable

In comparison to a normal speaker, Bluetooth speakers are more durable and safe to use. A Bluetooth speaker can function for 15 hours effortlessly which is more than half a day and gets charged fully within a short period of 3 hours. They are more compatible and affordable than any other normal speaker.

A Piece of Home Décor

Bluetooth speakers come in stylish designs and can be used as a piece of décor to add to the beauty of your home as well. You can put them anywhere such as on the bedside table, coffee table, or any other elevated surface. Bluetooth speakers make sure that you can listen to music anywhere anytime.

Check out more amazing options in Bluetooth Speakers and in other smart devices at Syska and enjoy an unending party anytime anywhere.

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