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Are Syska Smart Lights Compatible with iOS and Android?

Yes, Syska smart lights are compatible with iOS and Android.

Our smart lights like Sonic LED (Bluetooth Enabled) bulbs allow you to change the colour of the light with your smart mobile device. Some products like Syska Smart LED (Wi-Fi Enabled) are even compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Which Syska Smartlight products are compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant? 

Wi-Fi Enabled Smartlight Series. Syska Smartlight Bulb and Smartlight Table Lamp . 

What is the maximum range of wireless connectivity for a Syska smart light?

For a Syska smart light, normally the wireless connectivity is up to 10m. (Without any walls or interference), it’s as per normal Bluetooth or Wi-Fi range.

How to connect Syska smart lights with the App?

Please refer to the manual for complete instructions and guidance.

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