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What is the warranty period for a Syska Iron? How do I claim warranty?

  • All Syska irons come with a 2 year warranty.
  • To register a complaint with your appliance, please contact our customer care centre. 

What is the difference between a dry iron & steam iron?

The steam iron, as the name suggests, releases steam for easier ironing. You needn’t exert much pressure. However, over time, residue collects in the holes of the soleplate’s surface making it tough to clean.

On the other hand, a dry iron requires you to exert more pressure while ironing. Its soleplate is easier to clean. Before you decide against dry irons, know that it is ideal for delicate fabrics like silk and satin.

Does the iron have automatic temperature control?

Syska Irons are not only equipped with automatic temperature control but also fitted with overheat safety which monitors the temperature distributed to the sole plate so that it does not burn your fabrics.

What is the difference between Teflon & Ceramic soleplate?

Ceramic-coating ensures even heat-distribution. It does not generate static at even high temperatures. The iron is easy to clean, scratch-resistant and glides like a dream.

Similarly, a Teflon coating makes the soleplate smooth, so you can iron with ease. Plus, since Teflon doesn't stain easily, it is simple to clean and maintain. All you need to do is wipe the soleplate when it's cool. Use a mild dish-wash detergent diluted in warm water. Since it is not an ordinary flat iron and comes with holes and grooves, you will need to use a Q-tip to loosen grime.

How to clean my steam iron soleplate?

Since dry irons have a flat surface you can clean them more easily than steam irons.

Dilute a mild dish-wash liquid soap in warm water and use a clean cloth to wipe the soleplate. For a steam iron, you will also need to remove grime from the grooves and holes, using a cotton ear-bud.

What is Vertical Steam Function & Steam burst Function?

Vertical Steam Function allows you to use the iron like a hand-held garment steamer, whereas Steam Burst ensures the iron releases bursts of steam to make ironing easier.

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