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faq's Shavers

1. What is the warranty period?

All Syska Personal Care products, including shavers, come with a 2-year warranty.

Do I need to change the blades of my shaver?

The need for changing your shaver’s blades should not arise as long as you take proper care and maintain it well. In case you still feel they need to be changed, please do not try to do it by yourself. Contact our customer care executive and let our service centre take care of the rest.

What is the meaning of self-sharpening blade?

Unlike a regular razor blade, the Syska shaver blades do not become blunt with use. Instead, its unique technology keeps the blades sharp, even when used frequently.

I’m a man with extremely sensitive skin. Can I use a woman’s shaver?

Men’s shavers are made differently from women’s shavers. They vary in both, design and performance. A man’s skin is inherently tougher. Additionally, women’s shavers are designed to follow the contours of their body. It’s best you stick to what is designed for you.

Is there any difference between a man’s & woman’s shaver?

Yes, shavers for men and women are built for different skin textures and contours. Therefore, they differ in design and performance.

How do I remove the detachable head for cleaning?

It is easy to remove the shaver’s detachable head for cleaning. Check if your shaver has a button to click and release the head. Or, it will twist open. Else, flick the top and it will pop open.

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