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faq's Trimmers

What is the warranty period?

All Syska Personal Care products, including trimmers, come with a 2-year warranty.

How to decide which trimmer is right for me?

The type of trimmer you choose should be based on your purpose. First, decide why you need a trimmer and then pick one suited to the need. Syska offers a wide range of trimmers that are meant to trim facial hair and eyebrows, the bikini line, nose hair, neckline, sideburns and more. So take your pick accordingly.

Can I change the rechargeable batteries by myself?

Syska trimmers come with inbuilt rechargeable batteries that are long-lasting.

Some nose trimmers also accommodate non-rechargeable AA removable batteries. Only use the ones provided by Syska. If you still feel the need to change them, always opt for the same brand.

How often do I need to replace the battery?

You do not need to replace the battery as Syska offers long-lasting, inbuilt rechargeable batteries.

If your product accommodates AA or AAA batteries, only use the ones provided by Syska and replace them accordingly.

How to maintain my trimmer?

All trimmers come with detachable heads. These removable heads can be washed regularly to maintain hygiene and cleanliness. Some trimmers are even water-proof but you may need to refer to the instruction manual to check whether yours is water-resistant.

What are the charges for repairs?

If your product falls under the Syska warranty period, all manufacturing defect services will be free of cost. However, if it is past your warranty, the charges will be based on the kind of services availed.

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