Rechargeable 7W Emergency Bulb

Syska LED Emergency Light Bulb. With retro B22 base, it can be used as a regular bulb to light up your space. Packed with a 2000 mah battery, this bulb immediately lights up in case of an electricity outage. Maximum Charging Time 08-10 Hours

Base Available

  • B22
Ambiant Intimate Personal
Living/Family Rooms Commertial/Hospitality
More Information
Model Number SSK-EMB (6500K)
Warranty 1 year LED, 6 Months Battery
Package Contents 1 Bulb
Dimensions 12*6*6
Wattage 3W
Temperature 6500K
Base B22
Protection IP20
Operating Temperature -20° to 40° C
Recessed / Surface Mount Yes
Input Voltage AC 90-300V 50Hz
Lumens 650

How do I use this bulb when the power goes off?

To use the emergency bulb, it first needs to be charged. To charge the bulb, screw it in your regular bulb socket and use daily. The bulb will be charged while in use. When the power goes out, the bulb will use power from its backed up in-built battery when switched on.

What is the warranty?

The warranty on Syska Emergency Bulb (EMB) is 1 Year on LED and 6 Months on the in-built battery.
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