‘Emergency Bulbs’ and ‘Emergency Lanterns’ launched by Syska

SYSKA LED, the pioneers in LED lighting with the best innovations in technology have added two new innovative products to their catalogue by launching SYSKA LED ‘Emergency Bulbs’ and ‘Emergency Lanterns’ to their growing range of LED Lighting portfolio. These newly launched LED Lights are unique and first of its kind products in the LED segment from the house of SYSKA.

SYSKA LED Emergency Bulbs and Emergency Lanterns are useful during power cuts that are mostly prevalent during summers. SYSKA Emergency Bulb and SYSKA Emergency Lanterns are eco friendly and have dual use. With retro B22 base, emergency bulbs can be used as a regular bulb to light up your space and the bulb immediately lights up in case of an electricity outage. These bulbs have a rechargeable battery that comes in use automatically when the electric supply is cut off to give uninterrupted power supply when the bulb is in switch-on mode.

SYSKA LED Emergency Lanterns contain bright LEDs for illumination & are easy to carry and handle. The emergency lantern has additional features – A USB output that can be used along with a 5-in-1 charging cable to power-up your mobile phones and a card slot also for playing music even when there is no electricity. The emergency lantern is a saviour for everyone who face constant power cuts and do not have an inverter at home. This product is also useful for students who can study at odd hours by using the portable emergency lantern. SYSKA LED Emergency Lanterns are also available in many other exciting models that include solar-powered lanterns as well.

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‘Emergency Bulbs’ and ‘Emergency Lanterns’ launched by Syska

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