CSR Activities

We understand how important it is to do our bit for the social Eco-system.We always try
to contribute towards a carbon print free and lead free power consumption behaviour.
Here are some of our initiatives to make this society much more habitable for the generations to come.

Ajmer Railway Junction

The Ajmer Railway Junction Project

The first challenge that railway stations faces is the high ceiling. The building structures with such high ceilings surely need something brighter, more powerful and much sturdier lighting solutions thannormal conventional lights that cater to smaller household ceilings. Our HBG Hi-Bay were created to meet this challenge. Lux is the unit of illumination emitted by a light. It is equal to one lumen per square meter. These Hi-Bay lights were specially designed to provide highest brightness while saving on energy. It achieved more than 250 lux at ground level as per the standard lux. Syska installed lights at the higher height of more than 16 meters and achieved very good uniformity with better illumination and lux level. This helped the industries save up to more than 50% power.

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The Endurance Group Project

Factories and industries work almost day and night. The time it takes to manufacture heavy items take longer time. So, sometimes these manufacturing units work continuously. Keeping lights on for such a long time can be extremely taxing on both the environment as well as the company. So, we had to design and innovate LEDs that can stand the long operating hours, almost more than 16 hours. The ST series of the Hi-Bay LEDs were created for the Endurance Group. These weather-proof baten lights achieved this with ease. Syska installed lights at the task level and also at dust proof area to achieve lux level as per their standard.

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Endurance Group
Mahindra World City

The Mahindra World City, Jaipur

The Mahindra World City, Jaipur is one of India's premier integrated business cities that thrives on sustainability of all kinds. From water conservation to waste management, its community is built on such sustainable principles. One major challenge that they faced is that the street lights had non-uniformity with respect to illuminance. The Syska SLR lights 90W and 120W street lights replaced 70W 150W & 250W conventional street lights, saving more than 60% power. The design approach of these lights ensured maximum utilization of limited resources while saving on money and energy. This resulted in achieving better uniformity and better illuminations with lesser wattage and greater pole spacing.

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The Madap Tunnel Project

There are places like the tunnels on expressways that are subjected to extreme temperature variation. These places need very sturdy lights that can withstand the changing weather conditions. Syska took up this challenge, and the Syska Tunnel Lights were innovated as a result. 90W, 120W and 200W Syska tunnel light replaced 250W & 400W conventional tunnel lights that saved energy more the 40%. In addition to this power saving, Syska recommended warm lights to be installed to reduce fog environment in winter seasons. This has reduced the fog effects drastically, leading to fewer accidents than before.
SYSKA has always pioneered the category whether it is via communication or innovation. The recent development in LED solutions has revolutionised the industrial sector. Through these 4 innovations and many more coming in near future, Syska is paving way for a brighter, better and definitely a more power-saving India. With SYSKA, industries can surely see profitable and light years ahead!

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Madap Tunnel Project
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