7 Types of must have LED Lights!

7 Types of must have LED Lights!
Syska LED Lights

Syska LED Lights, unlike ordinary ones, are a smart innovation in the future of lighting. A simple and efficient solution from one of India’s leading LED light manufacturers. Syska Group believes in offering a whole host of LED light options that will cater to your basic needs of utility, attend to your desire for attractive home décor and then some. We at Syska believe in keeping you spoilt for choice!

Here are 5 must-have Syska LED lights, hand-picked from our extensive and impressive range.

Smart LED Wifi-Enabled Bulb

Set the tone of your lighting according to your mood! Syska Smart LED bulbs connect to your smartphone, allowing you the luxury of controlling the ambience of your living space, at the tap of a button. Now choose 3 million shades of colors of light for your interiors.  All at a fraction of electricity you would otherwise consume. Enjoy wireless control and eco-friendly lighting at your fingertips.

Candle Bulb

Syska Candle Cable

The charm of a lit candle maybe unmatched but in today’s day and time, you wouldn’t want to risk having candles lit around your home. Instead, get yourself a Syska LED Candle Bulb that is uniquely shaped to mimic the shape of a bright candle flame. Fit it into chandeliers or in decorative fixtures of your home, restaurant, office and hotel space. Let their elegance impress your guests, as much as it did you.

LED Tube Lights

Syska Tube Lights

Syska LED takes the humble tube light one notch up in terms of efficiency and style. Syska Tube Lights are slimmer and more environment-friendly. Some even give you the liberty of choosing from 3 different tones of light. They are easier to install and save up to 70% on power. Bring home a hassle-free, flicker-free and low-maintenance tube light, especially-designed at the house of Syska.

Color Changing Strip Lights

Syska Strip Lighs

LED strip lights are taking the country by storm. Since they’re relative safer to use and offer a plethora of colours to choose from, Syska LED Strip Lights have found their place in several homes, offices, hotels and other spaces where décor plays an essential role. Such lights are generally meant to accentuate existing fixtures such as artefacts. Mirrors, bed rests, cabinets, kitchen counters and more. Syska opens up a world of possibilities!

0.5 Watt Bulb

Did you know that the term ‘Zero Watt’ bulb is a misnomer? It’s been wrongly named, since a Zero Watt bulb usually falls within the 10-15W range. Syska bulb, however, come to the rescue by truly consuming a fraction of 1 Watt. They’re available in a range of attractive colours as well! Use them for decorative purposes and in places where lights remain switched on for long periods at a stretch.

Besides serving your needs for domestic and commercial lighting, Syska LED also caters to industrial requirements such as flood lights and street lights.

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