Trimming nasal hair: How to operate a nose hair trimmer?

Trimming nasal hair: How to operate a nose hair trimmer?
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For most men, personal hygiene takes priority – and why not? Dressing well and looking neat is an essential aspect of one’s personality. In fact, you must pay attention to the minor details as well. This includes trimming your nose and ear hair regularly, for if you allow it, your nasal hair can turn into an unsightly mess in no time!

Wondering how to keep its growth in check and prevent protruding nasal hair from becoming an embarrassment? Then set aside those scissors and opt for a nose hair trimmer – a safer, more convenient option. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

1. Read the instruction manual

A seemingly minor step, reading the instruction manual that comes with your electric nose hair trimmer is essential. Besides, you only need to do it once in order to understand its features and controls. It will help avoid injuries and guide you towards making the most of the gadget.

2. Be in a well-lit room

Trimming nose hair can be a little tedious and you need to see clearly, so make sure you’re in a well-lit room.

3. Use a magnifying mirror

A regular mirror will work fine but may cause you to strain. Getting a magnifying mirror will help you get a closer look, resulting in an effective and thorough experience.

4. Clean your nostrils

You will require your nasal cavity to be as clean as possible. Remove debris and excess mucus that may hinder the trimming process or clog the trimmer blades.

5. Skip the sneezes

You may want to blow your nose gently beforehand if you think the vibrating trimmer will trigger sneezing. Save yourself the discomfort.

6. Separate the nose hair

Reach in and dab your nose hair with a damp cloth to separate the little hair strands so it is easier to trim. Plus, this act will moisten and sensitise the inner lining.

7. Start from below

Never insert the trimmer forcefully. Electric nose hair trimmers are designed to fit into your nostril perfectly. Start trimming the lower hair first and move inwards. Push the tip of your nose up so you can reach in better.

8. Never over-trim

The idea is to clip off nasal hair, not pluck them out. Which is why you should stick to trimming the lower hair. Let the rest be – nose hair protects your lungs from air pollutants.

9. Clean up in the end

Remember to clean up your gadget at the end so it’s ready for use the next time ‘round. You may use an antiseptic, however, plain water works well too. Remember to dry the gadget before putting it away.

Cleaning your equipment at the end is a basic hygiene etiquette. What’s more, electric trimmers do all the hard work for you with so much ease that this is only a small requisite.

If you are using a battery-powered nose hair trimmer, ensure that it has fully charged batteries. A poorly charged trimmer will cut slowly, resulting in a painstaking process. Now that you’re armed with the necessary tips, all you need to do is bring home the ideal trimmer that is convenient and secure.

Enjoy all the benefits of a great nose hair trimmer with the Syska NT7806 Nose Hair Battery Operated Trimmer – crafted to give you a hassle-free, precise and safe experience. Want to know more about the gadget?


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