Tips To Groom Your Hair At Home : Men

Tips To Groom Your Hair At Home : Men

Cutting one's own hair isn't anyones first choice. The lockdown has compelled many to take grooming into our own hands. Here are some basic tips to get the best at-home haircut:

1. Invest In The Right Trimmer & Tools

Your most important tool will be your trimmer. Our trimmer of choice is the Syska HT4000K AquaTrim Trimmer. It comes with clipper guards that help you control just how much of your hair you want to cut.

2. The Right Mirror Setup & Location

You will not be able to do anything more than a blind buzz if you can't see what you're doing. To get your cut right, you need a dual-mirror setup: one mounted wall mirror, and one hand or mounted mirror at the back of your head so you can see the back of your head. You should set up in a well-lit room, and preferably lay down a sheet of paper or material to catch all the loose hair for cleanup.

So many styles, so many blades, only one Trimmer. Get your grooming game on by perfecting your facial hair.

3. Decide On A Style Before You Start

There are lot of YouTube guides for any style of haircut there is. We recommend watching a few videos to find the basic methods for your type of haircut.

4. Wash or Wet Your Hair Before Starting

For an optimal cut, dampen your hair a little or go for a full wash beforehand. If you usually put any product in your hair, you should probably wash it out first. Detangle your hair with a comb, for an even cut

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