What to look for while buying a Bluetooth Speaker?

What to look for while buying a Bluetooth Speaker?
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Does music on your mobile sound dull? Get a speaker. Can’t handle the mess a speaker’s wires bring? Then just invest in a good wireless one!

If you love being on the go and need a supply of movies and songs to keep you company, a Bluetooth Speaker is best suited for you. Liven up an outdoor party, watch a movie while hanging out with your gang outdoors and do so much more without any compromise.

So, what should you keep in mind when making a purchase?

1. Bluetooth version

A Bluetooth device needs to be placed in proximity to your gadget. This is where the Bluetooth version plays an important role. It determines the quality of audio and how much distance you need to maintain from your device. The Bluetooth v4.0 is ideal and its range is massive.

Higher Bluetooth versions like 4.0 support the Low Energy profile, wherein Bluetooth Low Energy is intended to provide considerably reduced power consumption and lower cost. Bluetooth 5, on the other hand, is the latest standard that vastly improves the data transmission rate and range but is a technology that’s still being adopted.

2. The driver

An essential physical attribute of a speaker is the driver. While most speakers have a 40mm driver, you may opt for any size you prefer. Remember, the size of your speaker will increase with that of its driver. Smaller devices usually come with one driver while some come with two, in which case the sound is noticeably louder.

3. Intuitive touch

Nowadays speaker controls are easy to manoeuvre. Most come fitted with a feature known as ‘intuitive touch’ so you can slide to change tracks and rotate to adjust the volume.

4. Connectivity

In addition to its wireless features, a Bluetooth speaker often has wired connections such as an auxiliary connector. While Bluetooth tends to drain the battery a little faster, wired connections conserve power.

Plus, if your speaker has a microphone it helps you answer calls from afar, without having to go look for your phone. A microphone also lets you interact with your phone’s virtual assistant.

5. Complementary features

You might want to consider looking for additional features. For instance, if you intend to take your speaker along on picnics, hikes and trips, you will need one that’s hardy and dust-resistant. If you’re into pool parties, look for a waterproof one.

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