The hottest beard trends for Indian men

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Love experimenting with your look? Then you’ll love these beard trends that are set to take 2020 by storm! All you have to do is give your beard a little TLC (tender loving care) – nourish it, grow it, trim it from time to time, and watch heads turn wherever you go! A good mix of the newest styles and some that have stood the test of time, here are 5 of the hottest, specially-curated looks for this year: The full beard: Easiest to grow and the most taxing to maintain is the full beard. A classic look that almost never goes wrong, it suits most men irrespective of face shape and ethnicity. Unless, of course, you don’t experience thick facial hair growth. This style entails having all your hair connected – from your moustache, across your cheeks, down your sideburns, on your chin, completing the circle under your neck. Make sure you trim only a little to avoid looking unkempt and grizzly. The clean shave: Whether you’re a good boy or want to look like one, you simply cannot undermine the importance of a clean shave. For one, you end up shaving off years along with the beard and look much younger. You also give your skin the opportunity to breathe. Just as a full beard will never go out of fashion, you cannot possibly make a mistake with a clean shave . The stubble: Lying somewhere between a clean-shave and a fully-grown beard is the stubble. Neat yet manly, it’s the perfect rugged look. The best part is, it’s easy to maintain! What’s more, it takes very little effort on your part. Just let it grow for ten days or so and give it a slight trim for a suave appearance. That’s all, you’re good to go! The circle beard: If you want a balance between having your cake and eating it too – that is, having a beard, yet looking dapper, you could go in for the circle beard. It’s a combination of a moustache and rounded goatee beard style. Make sure you grow your facial hair to the right length before trimming and styling. Shape all the corners to get a smooth round circle and ensure the moustache is attached to the goatee. Be prepared to put in some extra work as it can be a bit painstaking. Products We Recommend: Syska HT3052K Grooming Kit These are just 4 of the many stunning beard looks for Indian men this year but with the right tools, the possibilities are endless. You just need is a well-cared for beard – which includes basic beard hygiene, oiling, shampooing, moisturising and combing (depending on your beard style) – and a great trimmer for company. All else falls through if the trimmer isn’t right! Worry not, we’ve got the right trimmer that are adept at navigating every curve of your face, to give you the perfect beard, minus the hassles. Syska’s range of Beard Trimmer comes with a stainless blade, multiple length settings, built in adjustable comb, which are perfect for your trimming experience. So, what are you waiting for? Get working on that beard and let it work its charm! Want to know more about the Syska hair and beard trimmer? Visit:

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