7 interesting facts you must know about LED lights

7 interesting facts you must know about LED lights
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LED lights have a stronghold in the lighting industry and rightfully so. They’re superior to traditional incandescent and CFL lights in a host of ways. You may have heard about and even used an LED bulb or tube light before. However, LEDs come with an array of surprising and interesting features you may have never heard about. Today, we explore some of the many intriguing facts about LED lighting:


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Ordinary light bulbs are illuminated by incandescence (light emitted as a result of heat). LEDs are lit by electroluminescence (light produced electrically, by the application of voltage).


In 1907, HJ Round reported ‘a curious phenomenon’ when he applied a voltage to a crystal of carborundum. It ‘gave out a yellowish light’. This was the later known as the first official report of electroluminescence.


The first visible-spectrum LED was invented by Professor Nick Holonyak, Jr., in 1962. Since then, the technology has evolved and costs have reduced, making LEDs a publicly available lighting solution.


Where a compact fluorescent contains mercury, LEDs are toxin-free. About 95% of an LED light bulb is completely recyclable. Additionally, they are more shatter-resistant as opposed to an incandescent bulb. This means you are less susceptible to the hazards of mercury and in case of a mishap, you will not need to follow Mercury decontamination procedures.

Long lifespan

LED lights on an average have a really long lifespan. A good quality LED light source will last for around 50,000 Lumens (approximately). Invest once in a high quality LED light and save yourself money and electricity. It will also last you for years at a stretch.

Lights up instantly

Waiting for a traditional bulb to flicker on can be tedious. An LED bulb, however, lights up instantly. Where an incandescent bulb and halogen lamp will take time to build up to full brightness, LEDs will glow at full brightness as soon as they are switched on. Meaning, there is no time lag.

Doesn’t attract pests

A traditional light source emits ample UV and Infrared radiation, which attracts insects. This is why you see little bugs flying around porch and street lights. On the contrary, since LED lights don’t produce as much UV radiation, they don’t draw as many pests. Stay radiation and pest-free with LEDs.

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Switching to LED lighting solutions is the smartest move to make. It’s an industry that has grown exponentially over the years. It also possesses the potential to achieve greater heights and surprise you with its plethora of benefits.

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