Points To Consider Buying A New Fans

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Key Factors To Consider When Buying A Ceiling Fan With so many fan designs and styles available on the shelves, choosing the right one that suits your space and preferences can be daunting. It is very important to select fans that give you value for money. Few important things you should consider when buying a new fan: 1. Right size for every room You will not want a ceiling fan that does not circulate enough air to cool off your room, which makes it important to choose the right sized fan. You can use a tape measure or a meter stick to measure the dimensions of you room and then choose the blade span accordingly. The best suggested blade spans with respect to the room size are as follows. 2. Blade material and finish Selecting the right fan blade material holds great importance. Usually, the blades are made metal, wood or plastic. You can easily choose the best blade finish to complement the existing décor of your room. If you are choosing fans for moisture prone areas like bathrooms or if you are living in a coastal area, you must go for blades with rust proof finish. 3. Check the motor It’s the motor that makes the difference and separates the best from the rest. When buying a ceiling fan, one should never ignore the motor. A good, technologically advanced motor will account for smooth, noiseless operation and optimal air movement. Orient Electric offers Eco-series range of fans built on Brushless Direct Current Motor platform (BLDC). The permanent magnet rotor, electronic commutation and constant torque at all speeds makes Orient's BLDC motor a winner with additional advantage of zero electrical noise. The BLDC fans are highly energy efficient and consume 50 percent less energy than the ordinary fans. 4. Energy efficiency If you fear the ever mounting monthly electricity bills, you will always want to consider investing in energy efficient appliances that can offer your substantial energy savings. While there are also BEE star rated fans which also consume less energy, a true example of energy efficient fans is the Orient Electric’s 32W Eco series ceiling fans which cuts power consumption by more than 50%. 5. Accessories Ceiling fans with integrated lighting offer a great way to add style and vibrancy to your space. Depending on your budget and personal preferences, you can go for an elegant fan with the lighting of your choice. You also have the option to choose between the remote control and wall control. If your room has a high ceiling, you can consider getting a long pull chain. Orient Spectra is available in electroplated finishes, has timer control, LED light intensity adjustment, automatic & manual colour changing mechanism. It has a unique programmable mood lighting feature with five different light options.

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